Coyote Peterson's 'Brave Adventures: Epic Encounters in the Animal Kingdom' - Autographed


Limited edition hardbound copy of Coyote's book 'Brave Adventures: Epic Encounters in the Animal Kingdom' autographed by the man himself!

Join Coyote as he details his personal experiences in some of his most epic animal encounters in the second volume of his 'Brave Adventures' series. From a slimy octopus to elusive tree climbing lizards to nomadic wolverines–this book promises to be another fast-paced, wild experience. Coyote will take readers for a hike through a snake infested island, kayak the ocean to discover a migrating pod of killer whales, and track a pride of lions across the South African savanna! Includes over one hundred hand-drawn, black-and-white illustrations throughout.

Note: Personalization not available