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Animal Trading Cards - 3 packs

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Our Brave Wilderness Animal Trading Cards are the ultimate collectible for any animal enthusiast and Brave Wilderness fan! These full-color cards feature an impressive animal photo on one side, and a backside full of interesting animal facts. You will learn amazing facts such as the scientific name, the region and habitat where it lives, the episode in which it was first seen on the BW Youtube channel and more! There are 5 varieties of cards including slithery reptiles and amphibians, wild sea creatures, creepy-crawly insects and arachnids, and compelling birds. With 4 cards per pack and 3 packs per order, each pack is an exciting surprise to see which animals you will uncover, and maybe even score yourself a super rare card! Check out these BW Animal cards and collect them all.

Series 1 consists of 26 cards - including a limited edition Executioner Wasp card!

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